About me

Welcome!  I am Patti Perdue, CPA.CITP.  After 36 years of experience in public accounting and consulting, I retired as principal of healthcare and technology consulting.  Transitioning from corporate shareholder to advisor and consultant has allowed me to focus on specialized projects that utilizes my skills and strengths to help business owners and executives with issues that matter most to them.

I am a member of a leadership mastermind group for entrepreneurs that produces valuable insight for business owners and entrepreneurs. I have the unique ability of simplifying
and communicating complex business issues with business owners to make confident decisions. Using my Kolbe training and certification, I identify the MO’s of  executives and their teams for strengthening communication and teamwork. My Kolbe is 8-7-4-2.

I was instrumental in forming Jackson Thornton Technologies LLC, a consulting company, which also specialized in health care.  JTT grew from $400,000 in revenue to over $4,000,000 at the time I retired as principal in charge. The experience of leading and growing a technology consulting company helps me guide business owners technology decisions.  The most important lesson I learned from this experience is that growth disrupts status quo and existing soft infrastructure of the business.  Sustainable growth requires new mindsets, new systems and new procedures.

I am an experienced speaker, presenting at meetings and conferences on such technical topics as: Impact of Health Care Reform on Your Business, Affordable Care Act Compliance, and Business Process Improvement.  I have facilitated annual meetings of owners and key management to develop strategy and goals for growth and profitability.

Multi-specialty focus areas include: Health Care Reform and its impact on you and your business, transformational business solutions, mission and strategy, business process improvement, technology planning, owner compensation plans, business accounting and reporting solutions, business metrics, dashboard reports, management training and facilitating board meetings.