Challenges of Setting up Your Own Blogsite

Hmm…I thought I was fairly tech savy. After all, I am a CPA in a large public accounting firm with 35 years of experience behind me. I use more than 20 different applications every day. I am on multiple social media apps. I have edited my own photos and converted them to note cards and posters. I shop online. I research online. I am on a computer or device 16 hours a day, more days than I want to admit. So how hard could it be to set up a little blog? Right? Well, its much harder than I ever dreamed it would be.

The blog setup language is different from anything I use to prepare taxes, or accounting or financial statements or presentations. The choices you need to make before launching your site rival the decisions in building a house. Colors, fonts, backgrounds, buttons, hover color, logos, etc.

I read instructions very well and follow them even better. You have to,if you want to accurately complete a Form 1095C for the IRS reporting of health coverage. (A four page form with 17 pages of instructions!) The instructions for customizing my blog assume I know marketing, branding, programming, graphics, typesetting and publishing. My intuition is trained to know when the financial analysis is off or the client’s office manager is holding something back. I was not prepared for what it takes┬áto get this site up.

I know this can be done. I am not giving up. This is going to take more reading and more research…that I know how to do that.

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